Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252 Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252
Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252 Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252

Great doctors. Best care.

Compassionate Family Medicine

We offer evidence-based, patient-centred health care for the whole family. Our multilingual team of physicians prides itself on listening to our patients’ concerns to successfully manage their acute and long-term health problems. With a wide variety of specialist services, we work together with you to create an appropriate, personalized plan for health.

Our Treatment and Services

  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Counseling
  • Gastroenterology
  • Sports and soft-tissue medicine
  • Infectious disease treatment
  • All non communicable diseases
  • Dermatology


Dr Sam Slattery MB.BS. MAS. MSc.

An integrative physician with 30 years of experience covering multiple areas of practice including gastroenterology and nutrition.

Dr Joanna Bowden MBCHB. MRCGP. DRCOG

A highly experienced and popular general and family physician from England with a broad knowledge base and specialist training in women’s health and soft tissue medicine.

Dr Lucy Mathews MB.BS. MRCGP.

An English General Practitioner who has experience in many aspects of family medicine and chronic non communicable diseases.

Dr Ana Reid MD

A Cuban Family physician fluent in English and Spanish with a special interest in children and child health. She has extensive experience in urgent care settings.

Dr Meghan O’Reilly BSc. ND

Naturopathic family doctor focusing on nutrition, herbal remedies, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, examining issues from an individualistic, mind-body approach.

Dr Valerie Francois-Jacques MD

A Haitian physician fluent in English, Spanish, French and Creole. She has specialist training in infectious and communicable diseases.

Dr. Edmond Fleurimont Sanchez, MD

Very fluent in Spanish, Dr. Ed is an Emergency Room Physician and is qualified and trained in Cardiovascular Emergencies Management, electrocardiography, and diagnostic scans.

Dr. Alexis Missick MBChB. MRCGP

A Turks and Caicos Islander, British trained General Practitioner with experience in all aspects of General practice and interest in sonography, women’s health and minor procedures.

Dr. Marsha Barnett, MBBS, PGDip Dermatology, PGDip Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Marsha Barnett has been a general practitioner for almost two decades in both emergency room and family practice. She has extensive specialist training in dermatology and aesthetics.

Dr. Jan Aler MD

A trained General Practitioner with experience in all aspects of general practice and emergency medicine and minor procedures.


Dr. Joëlle Denis is a trained Pediatrician and a graduate of Notre Dame University in Haiti. She has worked in the pediatric unit of the Bernard Mevs Hospital. Dr. Denis is concerned about improving the quality of care for children and believes by educating parents and families, one can decrease pediatric mortality and morbidity for preventable disease.