Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252 Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252
Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252 Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252

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Midwifery and Obstetrics

As the largest provider of pre and postnatal care, we are known for our exceptional service. Our goal is to provide the best experience for mothers and their babies because the science is clear. Top quality prenatal care of mother and baby are associated with long term good health throughout the entire lifespan of an individual. Thus, both providers and mothers should strive for the best possible experience.

We provide advanced ultrasound services including 3D scans. We provide genetic screening and counselling. The team is supported by qualified mental health counsellors and therapists.


Midwifery and Obstetrics


Frequently Asked Questions

Currently the hospital does not allow the midwife to attend your delivery.

At this time we cannot offer this service although we very much want to and we are looking into how we might be able to do so. Watch this space.

Yes, our midwife is a specialist and international advocate for breast feeding.She can advise and assist you not only with routine breast feeding skills but also address any problems including mastitis.

Any fever or feeling unwell in the first 28 days post delivery is an emergency as it might mean that you have or are developing postpartum sepsis. This can be a life threatening condition and you should contact us immediately. Even if the midwife or one of the specialist trained doctors are not available the on-call doctor will advise you.

Pregnancies vary but the vast majority are without complication. Monthly visits are the norm from 10 to 12 weeks post the last menstrual period. There are standard blood tests that are universal to all. Certain ultrasound exams are recommended to assess the babies growth and progress as well as for screening for the rare issues. There are specialist tests for some.