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Dr. Valerie Francois

Dr Valerie Francois-Jacques MD
Dr Valerie Francois-Jacques MD

Dr. Valerie Francios is a General Practitioner that also specializes in infectious and communicable  diseases at the Grace Bay Medical Center.

Dr. Francois has a doctorate in Medicine from Notre Dame University and also an International Diploma in Sexually Transmitted Disease from IMEA, University Paris Diderot.

Dr. Francios graduated top of her class at University Paris Diderot. She also has a Diploma in Public Health and Tropical Medicine from MA Health in Boston, USA.

She has special training in Women’s affairs, Gender issues and Community Leadership from the University of George Washington.

Haitian born and fluent in four languages (French, Spanish, Haitian Creole and English) Dr. Valerie has assisted many of the members of our local creole speaking community with their medical needs.

Having a consultation with a physician who speaks your own language, makes that doctor visit both easier and allows for a level of comfort and reassurance not easily achieved when you do not speak the local language.

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