Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252 Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252
Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252 Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252

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Dr. Alexis Missick. [OLD]

Dr. Alexis Missick
Dr. Alexis Missick MBChB. MRCGP

Dr Alexis Missick MBChB MRCGP, is a General Practitioner who works with patients of all ages from all walks of life to provide preventative care and acute and chronic disease management. She believes patients trust her to help in their medical journey. She empowers them to share in the management thus making compliance and the outcome as positive as can be.

Over the years, Dr. Missick has garnered the respect of her patients and community because of her bedside manner, the care she provides and assistance provided in service development in Obstetric Care and Ultrasonography.

As a child, Dr. Missick was fascinated by the inner workings of the body. As a teenager she was saddened by how little, patients like her mother were informed/retained about their health condition or medications. This experience encouraged her to join the profession to help patients better understand
their health and engage in the process of improving it.

Dr. Missick holds a Bachelor’s of Science (BSc.) from University of Leeds. She went on to receive her Joint Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery (MBChB) from Warwick University. After completing additional training, she was received her Certificate of Competence in General Practice (MRCGP). She became the first Turks and Caicos Islander formerly trained as a Primary Care Physician. During her training she completed placements in numerous countries, including India, Canada, Australia.

Dr. Missick worked for a number of years in the United Kingdom, before migrating to the British Virgin Islands, where she found herself working on private luxury islands for one of the richest men in Britain. In 2018, Dr. Missick returned home to the Turks and Caicos Islands where she continues to improve on her practice and serve her community.

In her spare time, Dr Missick can be found at the beach or enjoying time with family.

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