Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252 Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252
Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252 Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252

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Work Permit and Residency Medicals

We provide a dedicated work permit and residency medical team who handle the entire process from start to finish.

We are a one stop shop- no external referrals are required as we offer internal medicine and cardiology services which represent the No.1 reason for deferral by the Ministry of Health.

Our team consists of a doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse and administrator. All are familiar with all roles and thus any member of the team will be able to assist your queries.

The physician’s assistant and administrator will directly assist you in registering and completing your online application and form.

All testing is in house and performed within 12 hours allowing for a fast and efficient service.

If you have no medical conditions then the application is completed by the end of the same day.


The number one cause of delay in processing by the Turks and Caicos Migrant Health team are cardiac issues which we can address in the clinic quickly. If we recognise that the TCI team is likely to reject an application we will recommend that you do the tests immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically the process at the clinic will be complete by the end of the day you attend if you do not have any health issues.

It takes one to two weeks for a Migrant Health Certificate to be processed by the Migrant Health Team. However if you have health issues or the Government Migrant Health Doctors has queries this can extend the process considerably depending upon the complexity of the problem.

The most common cause of delay are;

  1. Failure to provide ALL the appropriate documents (see below) is the most common
  2. Failure to provide acceptable proof of childhood vaccines in a format that is acceptable to government is also a very common reason for denial.
  3. High blood pressure
  4. An abnormal heart tracing (EKG/ECG) leading to a cardiology consultation.
  5. Other health issues.

It depends on your health. If you have no problems you may be issued a three-year certificate however you have to request a reprint each year, the certificate will reflect this new date and the expiration date as this is a requirement by the immigration department. This is entirely at the discretion of the Turks and Caicos Migrant Health team doctor.



Adult: $295  (This includes Chest x-ray and EKG and the $50 certificate fee)
Child (15 and under): $ 160


Over 40: $230
Under 40: $220 
Child: $160

External referral from another clinic Chest -x-ray  $100




The cost for the Migrant Health Certificate is $50.00, the medical facility collects this fee from you as they are responsible for making the payment to migrant health on your behalf. GBM includes this in the total fee above.

For the medical you will need;

  1. A copy of your passport photo page and bring your passport to prove your ID or work permit card.
  2. A vaccination card demonstrating that you had a full course of childhood vaccines or have completed the alternate adult vaccine protocol required by the Migrant Health Care team.
  3. Proof of TCI resident status; which is your entry stamp, residency certificate or previous WP card.
  4. COVID-19 vaccine card.

To collect your certificate any form of government issue ID is accepted, however as of February 19th, 2024 Migrant Health is now digital and they will email your certificate to you.

One visit is required to complete your medical.

However if you have a health issue you may or may not have to return to repeat your blood pressure, a blood and/ or urine test, or do additional testing based on the findings of your initial visit.

Yes, the requirements are different.

For first time medical you have to complete the following:

  1. Register on the online portal, choose a clinic and a doctor. We will do this for you in the clinic when you arrive.
  2. Undergo a medical exam
    blood test are taken for HIV, Hep B and syphilis, chest X-ray, Mantoux, ECG
  3. Proof of vaccination
    (if you do not have proof of your childhood vaccinations), supporting documents (passport copy, proof of status)

For renewal: the medical exam, blood test, ECG (only if you are over 40 years old or have a pre-existing condition)

No, it is not acceptable.

You can complete your medical in another country and send it to us for vetting and MOH will issue you a medical certificate once you meet all the requirements.

All pre-existing conditions that are not managed can prevent you from being issued a Ministry of Health Migrant Medical Certificate.

if you know you have a pre-existing medical condition and have your medical records from a previous doctor bring them with you when you come in to do your work permit medical.

For work permit approval this is the decision of the TCI immigration work permit board as it is a separate entity

Yes, this is true however if you do not have proof we can administer those vaccines to you so that your application is not delayed.

If you cannot demonstrate a complete set of childhood vaccines which is FIVE DTP, POLIO and TWO MMR and The required vaccines are: 2 DTP, 2 MMR, and 1 Polio, after six months a third DTP is required to complete the series or to be considered fully vaccinated.