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Dr. Marsha Barnett

Dr. Marsha Barnett, MBBS, PGDip Dermatology, PGDip Aesthetic Medicine
Dr. Marsha Barnett, MBBS, PGDip Dermatology, PGDip Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Marsha Barnett has been a physician for almost two decades. A graduate of the University of the West Indies (Class of 2002) with a Bachelor’s of Medicine, Bachelor’s of Surgery degree.

Dr. Barnett pursued specialist training in dermatology as a dermatology resident at the University Hospital of the West Indies.  She then attained a post graduate degree in Clinical Dermatology from Queen Mary, University of London.

Very experienced in the management of medical dermatology, she is also is versed in performing numerous in office surgical procedures. Her post graduate training in dermoscopy with the University of London also makes her a “go to physician” for skin cancer surveillance, skin mapping and skin cancer surgeries.

Over the past 10 years, Dr. Barnett has trained with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine which has honed her skills as an aesthetic physician.  Through her practice, she offers a variety of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures to her patients. These include; Botox treatment, dermal fillers, laser treatments, dermabrasion, chemical peels and sclerotherapy for varicose veins.

Despite her extensive training in dermatology and aesthetics, Dr. Barnett has maintained her clinical acumen as a general practitioner. During her medical career, she has always practiced general medicine both in emergency room and family practice settings.

She is particularly passionate about chronic disease management and prevention. Dr. Barnett has also worked as the medical correspondent for television and radio shows and is a weekly newspaper columnist on health and wellness.

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