Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252 Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252
Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252 Emergencies: (649) 232-8773 Office: (649) 941-5252

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Concierge Services

Don’t want to leave your hotel, villa or vacation space? Simple, we come to you.

This allows you to experience healthcare on your terms with our Concierge Services – where we bring the expertise to you. Whether it’s personalized urgent care/diagnostic assessments or medical consultations, our dedicated mobile care team ensures that quality care is delivered in the comfort of your preferred location.

We have a dedicated concierge team consisting of an urgent care doctor, nurses and a driver. Call 649-941-5252 for scheduled appointments or 649-232-8773 for Urgent Care and we will link you directly to the on-call doctor or specialist triage nurse


concierge services


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. We offer most of the same urgent care services. However you may still need to come back to the clinic for sutures or if the assessing doctor feels it appropriate.

At this time we do not routinely offer home visits unless there is a specific need. Travel time needs to to be included in our billing and this makes this a premium service.

We are available at short notice during the working day from 8.30 to 5.30. The on-call doctor is available out of hours, however this is a premium service and there is an extra charge. However the doctor can often offer advice over the phone or via a video consultation. We utilize WhatsApp as this is both convenient and sufficiently secure for most routine consultations. Payment can be with a credit card or online using Figaro, a secure payment system.

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and utilize Figaro, a secure online payment system. All payments are made in US dollars. Cash is acceptable if you prefer.

We can deliver medical supplies and arrange for delivery of medications through our associated pharmacies located in Grace Bay, Hospital Road (central) and Downtown.