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Dr. Agustin Rubinetti

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Dr. Agustin Rubinetti MD

Dr. Rubinetti is a board-certified Internal Medicine Specialist from Argentina and was educated at Universidad Austral a private university in Argentina. He is Internal Medicine  board certified since 2013 by Asociación Medica Argentina (AMA) and Ministry of Health, Argentina and is licensed to practice medicine in Argentina and Turks and Caicos.

He specialized in Internal Medicine and training was done in  Hospital Santojanni in Argentina from 2009 to 2013, with focus on Neurology, Cardiology, Infectious disease, and Hematology. He has also served as an ER physician and has further experience in Dialysis in acute facilities and severely ill patients and in patient care in the hospital setting.

His clinical interests include metabolic syndrome, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease and diet and exercise.

His community involvement in Argentina was around charitable care to low-income people that were in the orbit of a church. Even though sometimes plagued with a lack of resources, having time to listen to the concerns of the people and giving good advice made a huge difference.

Patient Care Philosophy: I care about patient’s well-being and health by being in close communication. When a patient leaves my office, it doesn’t mean goodbye, it means a starting point of a close and personal relationship of caring and support. The true meaning of providing value-based service.

Dr. Rubinetti speaks Spanish, English, basic French and intermediate Italian.  His personal hobbies and interests are kitesurfing, drumming, golf, tennis, scuba diving and squash.


Contact Information: Grace Bay Medical. 941-5252.

Email: drrubinetti@gracebaymedical.com

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